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Nova petição online internacional pela preservação da Quinta dos Ingleses

O SOS Quinta dos Ingleses lançou uma nova petição online na plataforma internacional avaaz com o intuito de chamar a atenção para o ecocídio previsto para os 52 hectares de área verde à frente da praia de Carcavelos.

Assine e partilhe com os seus! Vamos lutar para que esta causa ganhe proporções além fronteiras e sensibilizar todos aqueles que, como nós, querem tornar o futuro sustentável.

Abaixo partilhamos o texto da petição, originalmente escrito em inglês, uma vez que esta é uma campanha internacional.

"Mr. Carlos Carreiras, Mayor of Cascais, and Alves Ribeiro Group,

  • Do you know that the last oceanside forest in urban Lisbon is at risk of disappearing to urban development?

  • Do you know that close to 9.000 people have signed a Public Discussion to oppose the urbanisation plans?

  • Do you know that the Portuguese Parliament has voted to make this a Local Protected Landscape but that both the local and the central governments are ignoring this important resolution?

  • Do you know that this permeable land is critical for the survival of Carcavelos Beach (the largest beach of Cascais), the main surf beach in Europe and where many people learn how to surf and kids learn how to face the ocean?

  • Do you know that with rising sea levels or the very likely cause of a tsunami this forest is critical to defending Carcavelos and its population?

  • Do you know that many experts in coastal engineering and climatology warn of the ultimate importance of preserving this forest for the sake of clean air, nature’s survival, coastal protection?

  • Do you know that it hosts historical landmarks such as a protective wall against the Napoleonic invasions (“Linhas de Torres”), the first place where football was played in Portugal, the first landing site for Atlantic submarine cables?

  • Do you know that it is a place increasingly used by the local and expatriate population, especially during and after the lockdown when wide natural spaces are in high demand?

Help us preserve the 52 ha of Quinta dos Ingleses in Carcavelos, near Lisbon/PORTUGAL.

Help this become a role model for our leaders to make them understand that nature, trees, animals and

beaches are more important than yet another 8 stories buildings. Make your part in local initiatives that defend the environment and impact the future of our planet and that of Humankind."


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